Friday, August 8, 2014

Help me Lord...

My mind is racing,
With all I’m facing.

Make a decision!
What is my mission?

Time here so short,
Thoughts to sort.

 My heart hurting,
My soul searching.

Asking You, “WHY?”
Battling the lie.

If I could just go back,
To where I got off track…

I would have taken a turn,
From what I’ve now learned.
Yet, where I am, I cannot change,
A past of regrets have left me stained.

Help me withstand,
All that I don’t understand.

Help me let go,
All that I don’t know.
I cannot look back,
For this takes me off track.

I can only look to You,
You are the only way through.

Provide a fresh start,
Give me a new heart.
Turn my heart of stone
To hot, from cold.

Change my thoughts of hate,
To love, from bad to great.
I want to be strong,
It’s been too long.

I’m done being weak,
LIFE, I must speak.

Help me Lord, You’ve all I got,
Give me only hopeful thoughts.
You are the truth, the life and way,
Now take me into this new day.

Give me strength, love and faith,
In Jesus name, this I pray.