Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What is it going to take?

I peer over the vast sea of people, overwhelmed by the destruction they cause themselves.

If only God they caught a glimpse of what You intend for them.

If only Lord they set You as Lord of their lives, as their only God...and not just one of their many gods.

Some days I intercede for them that they will wake up, repent, and follow You!

Other days I ask if it will take a taste of Your wrath for their eyes to open from their slumber and denial.

My heart is sad for those who neglect You Lord.

With their words they say they love You.
But their actions say they love themselves... and their sin.

Oh Lord, what will it take to turn these lukewarm believers into passionate disciples?

Help them love You first Lord.
Help them let go of their dreams, goals, and sin.
Help them grasp a hold of Your will and Your purpose for their lives.