Friday, July 25, 2014

Kick that BAD HABIT....FB!

It sucks us in. Daily.
All our friends and family at the same place.
Able to communicate the latest in your lives at the same time.
Networking at our fingertips.
Some use it for good.
Some use it for bad.
Some feel inspired after use.
Some feel envious after use.

What is it? FACEBOOK.

I've had my own love/hate relationship with it myself. I original got on it since so many of my praying friends were on it during the season my oldest son's asthma began and the doctors were clueless and negligent. I thought then, "what a powerful tool for prayer requests".

Two years later, I start a network marketing business that pushed the social media use to 'expand business'. I went from making $0 to $500 in just a few months, with just a couple hours each day. I thought then, "what a powerful tool to make money".

A year later, I started classes at Summit Bible College where my nose had to be in the books and my attention on typing up homework. The habit of 'checking in on FB' was an easy distraction away from my priorities. I thought then, "what a distraction away from school".

After two years of classes at Summit, and still using FB to spread the great revelations that God was giving me, speaking to me, family members soon grew tiresome of my 'biblical voice' on FB. I thought then, "what a pain in the neck".

For few months after being confronted on being too vocal on my faith, I tried to use FB for the 'entertainment' of it. Or to journal what I did that day. I thought then, "what an absurdity, no one cares that I didn't fold laundry today!".

I had a short season of using it again to network, to help some poor kids get shoes. The funny thing is, all the people who helped me out, were people I had phone numbers to! Hmmmm. I thought then, "what do I really need to be on FB for?"

I soon went back to sharing my inspirational thoughts, yet I felt that torn feeling. Looking back over the last 5 years of FB use, I asked myself: What have I gained through FB? Facebook has given me very little. The closest friends I have on FB, I have their phone numbers, yet seldomly talk to them. Surely FB is not equipping me socially. I then thought, "what a waste of time!"

Truly, truly I say unto you, social media is a waste of time. Perhaps if you are in network marketing, it is useful...but honestly after trying to use it for good, the bad has continued to outweigh the good.

Since being off FB, I am sad to confess that my house is cleaner, we've gotten to bed sooner, and I am less worried about the hundreds of 'friends' I see living life in the fast lane, crazy lane, depressed lane, materialistic lane, drunken lane, and relational dismay lane. Facebook really is derailing our societies priorities. People are addicted to it.

Don't believe me? I know adults who spend more time on FB than with their kids and spouses. They say they don't have time to work out, but they have an hour to waste FB. Facebook is a god in many people's lives.

I had this thought this week too. When parents are hooked on media, where are their kids? Hooked on their own source of media. We are losing family relationships over 'liking random funny pics and videos'. We've got to get a hold of ourselves and time.

THE SOLUTION: DEACTIVATE IT & NEVER LOG IN AGAIN. If you're too scared to deactivate it, then just start with the baby step of deleting the app from your phone. You will be amazed at the great experiences and people you are missing out on!

I've tried this a couple of times in the season of writing a thesis and going through some rough patches. Finally, however, I told myself, "I'm done!" and I'm thinking this last time, is the last time!

Join me in my anti-FB campaign as I take back my time, energy, and relationships and make my time on earth truly count for good!